Waterberg Conservation Forum

"Where the conservation-conscious meet!"

The Waterberg Conservation Forum is committed to sustainable utilisation and development of the Waterberg’s natural resources by all stakeholders. Well enough. Anyone interested may well ask: What is the issue?

The two words “sustainable” and “development”, although popular catchwords, should be understood in their literal and concomitant sense.

The downside of that is consumptive utilisation of the natural resource with the inescapable gradual degradation of the environment to the point where the Waterberg will become a desolate rocky desert.

“Sustainable” means in this context to assist nature while utilising it to develop its own potential by amongst others keeping it out of harm’s way. “Development” in the sense of building up nature does not benefit from the impacts of man-made structures and actions, development in the commercial sense,, which when imposed on nature more often than not implies destruction of the healthy symbiosis within the natural diversity.

Nature's own variety is here the true spice of life and should be protected at all cost.


*Neem asb kennis dat ons epos adres verander het na: conservationforum@senco.co.za


1. Waterberg water – sodat dit nie opraak nie ...


2. CBM–gas en Uraan op die Springbokvlakte

* Die Bedreiging

* Beswaar van gemeenskap


3. Die Forum word gestig

Nasionale en internasionale bekendstelling van die Forum op Vrydag, 1 Februarie 2013 te Vaalwater.

Die plek en finale program is nou beskikbaar. Klik HIER om dit te sien.

Die plek en finale program sal op hierdie webblad op die laatste op 20 Januarie bekend gemaak word, of vroeër sodra genooide gassprekers se bevestiging ontvang word.

Wil u ook graag hê dat die Waterberg die voorste plek in die Noorde moet wees en bly wat sowel inwoners as besoekers na liggaam, siel en gees kan verkwik? 

Sal u alle pogings ondersteun om te verseker dat die Waterberg behoue bly as betroubare bron van helderskone bergwater aan die toenemende getalle mense wat rondom die berg bly.

Deur die Waterberg te vrywaar van die nadelige effek van veldbrande en verwoesting deur die mens, sal sy natuurlike aanleg om die wonderlikste verskeidenheid bosveldbome en struike te produseer, verder gedy en sal die Waterberg se bome as lugsuiweraar kan funksioneer deur die koolstof uit besoedelde lug te hersirkuleer wat vanaf Gauteng en elders inwaai.

Deur u ondersteuning verseker u deelname aan geskiedenis in wording – op Vaalwater, op 1 Februarie 2013 in die hart van die Waterberg. Help om omgewingsbewaring as 'n basiese ingesteldheid te ontwikkel en te ondersteun.

U betrokkenheid maak saak en kan die deurslag help gee!

Besluit en beplan nou om op 1 Februarie om 10vm. daar te wees.

Teken u ondersteuning hier aan. Onthou altyd dat bewaring van die omgewing nie net 'n saak vir mans is nie.

Conservation News


1. Waterberg water – lest it dries up ...



2. BM–gas and Uranium on the Springbok Flats

* The Threat

* Objection by the community


3. Launch of the Forum

National and international launch of the Forum on Friday, the 1st of February, 2013, at Vaalwater.

The venue and program is now available. Click HERE to read it.

The venue and program will be advised on this website, latest the 20th of January,  2013, or as soon as invited guest speakers confirm.

Do you desire Waterberg to maintain its place as the foremost provider in the North of an exhilarating experience for body, soul and mind?

Will you support all efforts to maintain the Waterberg as the dependable source of sparkling clean water for the increasing populations around the Waterberg.

By keeping the Waterberg out of harm's way, especially from wildfires and spoliation by man, its natural propensity to produce the greatest variety of broad-leaved trees will furthermore be able to act as air-conditioner by recycling carbon from the polluted air wafted in from Gauteng and elsewhere.

Stake your claim now and be part of the making of history on Friday, 1st of February, 2013.at Vaalwater, in the heart of the Waterberg. Help to develop and support a conservation ethos.

Your involvement is critical for success!

Decide and plan now to be present on the 1st of February at 10am.

Register your support here. Please note that conserving nature is not only a male responsibility.

Groundbreaking beginning! - Grondslag gelê!

Op 20 September 2012 is die konvensie van grondeienaars en belanghebbers, wat van oor die hele Waterberg deur Chris Wagner en medewerkers saamgeroep is, op Vaalwater gehou om die fondament vir die Waterberg Bewaringsforum te lê en daarop voort te bou.

Die inisiatief is gerig op die bewaring van die ekologie van die Waterberg as topografies-geologiese struktuur, binne-in geleë maar onderskei van die administratiewe Waterberg wat uit ses munisipale gebiede bestaan.

Hierdie stap was die eerste tree op pad na 1 Februarie 2013, die beoogde formaliseringsdatum.
Lees meer: Stigtingsverslag en oogmerke

Read more: Founding and aims

Envisioning the possible!
We are committed to conserve the Waterberg true to its own inherent ecological potential as a natural treasure house for the future, providing a breathing space for man, both physically, mentally and emotionally, with the cleanest air and water streaming forth from its heights to nourish those who live around it.

Weighing down the earth or …
Humans all over the world are creatures that are daily absorbed in carving out an existence within the parameters of circumstance or of their ambition. Some may be in the outback scrounging for the meagre sustenance that nature may provide. Some others, if privileged to be in an open society, may be upwardly mobile from stepping-stone to stepping-stone to where some may ultimately challenge the highest peaks of commercial or academic enterprise.

So absorbed are we by the immediacy of our own livelihood that we are not always consciously aware that seven billion people over the world share the same challenges while consuming and competing for the same limited resources.

It is also true that while we are fast depleting the world’s resources we furthermore unwittingly succeed in increasing mankind’s population by the astounding number of four million persons every day.

Thinking and living constructively…
Waterberg has however benefited largely from pioneering conservationists like Andries Pearson who have through personal effort and dedication from the fifties of the previous century onwards, helped greatly to preserve a significant gene pool of the roan antelope. Clive Walker and his wife Conita have invested time and effort over decades in working with and preserving rhino and the development of their Living Museum at Melkrivier. Charles Baber had over many decades preached conservation countrywide and was renowned for having had the knack of turning conversation on any topic eventually to conservation. His proud heritage lives forth in his son Dr Rupert Baber who is currently chairperson of the Waterberg Biosphere Reserve.

Their ground-breaking work was achieved by the foresight of leadership endowed with the capacity to think and plan beyond their immediate and personal needs. Statesmanlike one could say.

To help save the Waterberg!
White farmers had for the past one and a half centuries moreover farmed the hills and valleys of the Waterberg with their cattle, hardy as themselves, and with a patch of mealies here and there managed to proudly survive in spite of intermittent droughts and ever present ticks and leaf poison, in general without leaving much more of an impact on the land than the small ploughed acres now having happily returned to veld.


Wanneer die kruik leeg raak …

O, God van genade, wie ons om die wonder van u skepping eer,
ook omdat U in weerwil van ons gebrokenheid en eiewil,
om met leiding en insig van U gebid,
ons toelaat en inspireer om ook die goeie na U wil te bedink en doen.

Wil U ook in hierdie kleine kring
die vasberadenheid en ywer gee
om skares te oortuig om tot u eer
volhoubaar met hierdie aarde om te gaan.